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About DARC

DARC (Derbyshire Acorn RISC Club) was founded in April 1996 by Mike Smith, a local vicar; and Barry Thompson, of Selective Computer Services; to provide a local forum where users of Acorn Computers could share hints and see demonstrations of new software and hardware.
Following the demise of Acorn, the club changed its name to Derbyshire Area RISC Club in April 2000, encompassing the new non-Acorn RISC OS machines.
With the decline in new RISC OS software releases, the focus of the club started to change; to cross-platform topics such as networking, alternative platforms (Linux, PDAs), and even Windows-only software (Photoshop Elements).
In light of these changes, the club changed its name in May 2004 to 'DARC Technology Club' (a press release about this is available here (39k PDF)).
In September 2008, the meeting venue was changed to Weston-on-Trent Village Hall.

Video of a 3D laser scan of a club meeting. More information.


Membership of DARC is by advance annual subscription, the 2016/2017 rates are as follows:

Discounts are available for anyone joining part way through the subscription term (Apr-Mar).
You can join DARC at any of our meetings or by contacting us.
The constitution of the club can be viewed here.
An online subscription form is available.

Benefits of Membership

Other than the obvious benefits of having a local group of people who can share knowledge and experiences, we also offer the following: