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Online Resources

DARC now has a semi-regular spot on Aleena Naylor's Morning Show on BBC Radio Derby, discussing technological topics. The BBC have kindly given permission for us to make the recordings of these sessions available for download.

Broadcast Date Topic DARC Members MP3 Download WMA Download
15/11/2010 Internet Security (on Colin Bloomfield's drive time programme) Bimal Jangra 2.1Mb MP3 2.1Mb WMA
30/09/2010 Computer Security Bimal Jangra 4.5Mb MP3 3.7Mb WMA
24/09/2010 Technology Dependence (on Phil Trow's morning programme) Bimal Jangra, Paul Mellor 2.1Mb MP3 2.2Mb WMA
05/05/2010 3D Television Paul Mellor 6.5Mb MP3 5.3Mb WMA
10/09/2009 Windows 7 Bimal Jangra, Paul Mellor 5.5Mb MP3 5.6Mb WMA
14/07/2009 Domestic High Definition Video Bimal Jangra, Harry Sheppard 5.7Mb MP3 4.7Mb WMA
29/05/2009 Making Music with Electricity Bimal Jangra, Paul Mellor 3.7Mb MP3 3.0Mb WMA