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This page contains links to files related to specific DARC meetings and events.
Christmas Tree (December 2015)
The DARC Christmas Tree was a special guest at the December meeting (pictured here at another appearance).
DARC Christmas TreeLarge Version (2MB JPEG, 1836x3264) DARC Christmas TreeLarge Version (684k JPEG, 944x1840)
Internet Security (November 2010)
Bimal Jangra gave a short presentation on Internet Security at a meeting of the Melbourne Neighbourhood Watch. The Handout is available for download (37k PDF).
Laser Scanning (February 2010)
Dr David Walker of the University of Nottingham Nottingham Caves Survey demonstrated a 3D laser scanner at the meeting. He as made a video of the scan available on YouTube here.
Windows 7 (September 2009)
The Digital Doctors
Making Music with Electricity (June 2009)
The Digital Doctors
High Definition (Domestic) (November 2008)
High Definition (Acquisition To Broadcast) (January 2008)
  • Slides (7.6Mb Microsoft Powerpoint)
Windows Vista (June 2007)
eBay (January 2006)
Security (May 2005)
Introduction To IT Security Handout (PDF)
Wireless Networking (April 2004)
Handout (PDF)
Broadband (February 2004)
Handout (PDF)
PDAs (October 2003)
Slides (4.9Mb PDF)
Virtual Acorn (March 2003)
Handout (PDF)
Linux (October 2002)
Handout (PDF)
Club name change press release(39k PDF)