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Past meetings

This page lists the club meetings in reverse chronological order.

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DecemberBimal JangraQuiz
NovemberJon WrightForensic Science - Real Life CSI
OctoberPaul Mellor, Bimal JangraQ&A
SeptemberJohn WhitmarshLinux for the MassesJohn's Presentation (3Mb ODP and PPTX)
JulyMatt CookNew Hardware for Old Computers
JunePeter WhitehouseMaps for the Masses
MayEjaz QureshiA History of the Future
AprilPaul MellorDemonstration of the club's slide scanner (also AGM)
MarchBimal JangraSaving Your History (Part 3, audio)
FebruaryEd Green, Bimal JangraSaving Your History (Part 2, video)Bimal's Presentation (3Mb PPTX)Links
JanuaryPaul Mellor, Ed GreenSaving Your History (Part 1, slides)

DecemberIan DunnQuiz
NovemberIan Dunn, Paul MellorProShow Gold
OctoberKris Adcock, Ed Green, Paul Mellor, Tony Parnham, Julian PickeringRaspberry Pi Evening
SeptemberTom HartmanMicroscopy
JulyPaul MellorQ&A
JuneMatt CookCyber Security
MayTony PadillaBlack Holes and Extra Dimensions
AprilEd Green, Ian DunnDARC 20th Anniversary (also AGM)
MarchPeter WhitehouseOpen DataPresentation
FebruaryCornelia De Moor PhDSurviving the flood: biological research and the genomics revolution
JanuaryPaul MellorPhotographic Equipment

DecemberEd Green, Ian DunnMOOCs (Ed) & Quiz (Ian)PresentationChristmas Tree
NovemberKris AdcockDrones
OctoberTony Razzell3D Printing
SeptemberPaul MellorTED TalksTED
JulyPaul MellorWindows 10
JuneBimal JangraThe History of Home Audio Recording
MayMatt CookLazy IT
AprilBimal JangraXara (also AGM)Xara
MarchPeter WhitehouseGeographical Information SystemsPresentation
FebruaryHarry SheppardTime
JanuaryDr. Alice CliffordSounding OffPresentation

DecemberIan DunnQuiz
NovemberMartin RaynsfordLaser CuttingItems for sale
OctoberKris AdcockCNC Project (Last minute substitution)Kris Adcock's Geek Blog
SeptemberKris AdcockIntroduction to BloggingKris Adcock's Blog
JulyMatt CookCloud Storage and SecurityPresentationVideo: SpiderOak
Video: Google Data Centre
JunePeter WhitehouseGeographical Information SystemsPresentation
MayEd GreenPolyplatform Linux
AprilJohn LeighWarship Technology Since the 13th Century (also AGM)
MarchKeith Reedman, Paul MellorDigital Concertina, Adobe Lightroom, plus general Q&A
FebruaryLeigh LapworthComputational Fluid Dynamics
JanuaryMartin HamiltonHigh Performance ComputingHPC Midlands

DecemberIan DunnQuiz
NovemberBarry ThompsonThe Camera Never Lies Does It?
OctoberJohn CoxA Land of Lost Content
SeptemberPaul Mellor & Chris DawsonFacebook - Friend or Foe?
JulyMark DempseyScenes Of Crime Officer
JuneAlan BraithwaiteCuriouser and Curiouser - Remote Chemical Sensing
MayPaul Mellor and Chris DawsonSmartphones
AprilAGM, Q&A, Paul Mellor's Olympic Adventure
MarchRoger BamkinWikimedia
FebruaryBimal JangraFree SoftwarePresentation
JanuaryHarry SheppardMicroprocessor Systems in Motor Vehicles

DecemberJon Vanags, Paul MellorRaspberry Pi & Quiz
NovemberEd Green, Bimal Jangra, Matt Cook, Chris DawsoneBay, PayPal, Quidco, GrouponMore information
OctoberPaul MellorQ&A
SeptemberEd GreenSpecifying a PCMore information
JulyDavid Benford (Blackstage Forensics)Geo TaggingMore information
JuneJudith MellorBridge Engineering
MaySarah Dawson3D Vision
AprilAGM, and Q&A
MarchPaul MellorWhat Makes a Good Photograph?Presentation
FebruaryJane JamesGenealogy Internet Resources.Links to the sites used.
JanuaryEd GreenComputers in Engineering: Why planes, trains & cars don't break down as often as they used to.Presentation

DecemberKris Adcock, Ed Green, Bimal Jangra, James MellorComputer Games Past and Present
NovemberMike CookFrom Beeb to Arduino - 30 Years of Micro ControlPhotosMike Cook's Site
OctoberSimon Sumner (Derby Movie Makers)Film Making as a Hobby
SeptemberChris Wood Ph.D.Renewables and Sustainability in the Built Environment
JulyDale Cook (Serif Software)Web Design, MoviePlus X4Serif Software
JuneSanjoy Rakshit B.Ch.D.Dentistry - The Latest Products and ProceduresArticleAllenton Dental
MayBimal JangraSounds and Security (Vinyl and Cassette to digital; PC security)
AprilAGM, and Q&A
MarchTony LordThe Tornado Project
FebruaryBimal JangraVideo Editing and Creating DVDs
JanuaryIan LainchburyCCD Astrophotography

DecemberMatt CookDigital Media Library - Moving your CDs and DVDs to the computer
NovemberMatt Cook, Scott Humphrey, James Mellor, Tony Parnham, Jonathan Robinson, Harry Sheppard, John VanagsSpeed Technology II
OctoberClive Edwards and Richard BosworthThe Use of GPS in Arable Farming
SeptemberPaul MellorPhoto RetouchingPresentation
JulyPaul MellorWindows 7 (last minute change)
JuneThe Square GroupThe iPad and other Apple technologyThe Square Group
MayBimal JangraThe Wizard of Waukesha - The Genius of Les Paul
AprilEd Green; Bimal JangraTwitter; Search Engines and Web Browsers
MarchPeter RobertsMRI Scanning
FebruaryDr David WalkerSurveying in the 21st CenturyMoreNottingham Caves Survey
JanuaryBimal Jangra and Julian PickeringLinux Basics

DecemberBob Neill
Keith Reedman
Bits 'n' Bobs
Piano Player
NovemberDC 'Tex' AveryMobile Phones and Other Forensic Nightmares
OctoberProfessor Stuart MarshEarth Observation Technology Development in the British Geological SurveyBGS
SeptemberBimal Jangra & Paul MellorWindows 7The Digital Doctors
JulySarah DawsonThe Eye
JuneBimal JangraMaking Music with Electricity - a potted (sic) history of synthesisers.The Digital Doctors
MayTony BennettA History of Sliderules / Photos of Nepal
AprilHarry SheppardHigh Definition Q&A
MarchJonathan Robinson and Tony ParnhamPC to Mac Migration
FebruaryMatthew CookWiFi Revisited & Encryption for Beginners
JanuaryBarry Thompson and Paul MellorMonitor Calibration and Printer ProfilesPresentation and test charts

DecemberSarah DawsonIlluminationSlides
NovemberHarry SheppardDomestic High Definition Video.More information
The Digital Doctors
OctoberBarry ThompsonAdobe InDesign
SeptemberDale CookSerif Software
(this was the first meeting at Weston-on-Trent)
JulyDC 'Tex' AveryHigh Tech Crime
(this was the last meeting at Duffield)
JuneKris Adcock, Chris Dawson, Paul Mellor, Tony Parnham, Julian Pickering, Barry Thompson, John VanagsSpeed Technology.
MayBimal Jangra, Paul Mellor, Tony Parnham, Jonathan Robinson, Barry Thompson, John VanagsXaraTutorials
AprilAGM, and Q&A session.
MarchMatthew Cook and Tony ParnhamVMware
FebruaryGordon Harwood ComputersApple Computers
JanuaryHarry SheppardHigh Definition Video: Acquisition to Broadcast.More information

DecemberIan Dunn and Margaret ThurgoodBats and Technology.
NovemberBarry ThompsonBuying a new computer.
OctoberDom Kingsmill-StockerMac Applications.
SeptemberPaul MellorAdobe Lightroom.
JulyIan Shuttleworth
(Derbyshire County Council)
Emergency Planning.
JuneMatthew CookMicrosoft Vista.More information
MayJohn WainImpatica Presentation Software.
AprilBarry ThompsonProShow Gold.
MarchKeith Reedman and Karl StapletonMusic and Computing.
FebruaryBertil SchouWireless networking for your village.
JanuaryBarry ThompsonOpen Source and Free Software.

DecemberChristmas GadgetsFrom electric guitars to aircraft tracking.
NovemberGladiator ComputersNew Technology in Relationship to Microsoft Vista.
OctoberPaul MellorChoosing a Digital Camera and Photo Printing System.
SeptemberBarry ThompsonCreating Presentations with Ovation from Serious Magic.
JulyBarry ThompsonPanoramic Photography.
JuneChris Dawson, Paul Mellor, Matthew CookRemote Backups Using Linux.
MayMatthew Cook, Barry Thompson"Hands on Hard Drives" - Upgrading and secure deletion.More information
AprilAGM, and Q&A session.
MarchDon Whysall and Tony ParnhamPIC Programming (Don) and Xara Xtreme (Tony).
FebruaryJohn JamesonNorth Midlands Helicopter Support Unit.
JanuaryMatthew CookeBay.More information

DecemberBimal JangraThe Future of IT in Education
NovemberGladiator ComputersBuilding a Future-Proof PC
OctoberJohn CartmellThe A9
SeptemberPaul BeverleyTechnology That Works
JulyKris AdcockGPS and Satellite NavigationSlides
JuneMatthew Cook, Kris AdcockQ&A (RISC OS, Windows, Mac, Linux)More information
MayMatthew CookIntroduction to IT SecurityMore information
AprilJonathan RobinsonNews AggregatorsSlides
MarchDom Kingsmill-StockerApple Macintosh Computers
FebruaryJane James (Derby City Library Service)Genealogy
JanuaryBarry ThompsonPC Desktop Customisation

DecemberDARC MembersGadgets Galore
NovemberGladiator ComputersHardware Roadmap
OctoberBarry ThompsonBackups
SeptemberPaul BeverleyLiving With Technology
JulyTony Parhnam, Paul MellorXara X. (Tony), Personalising your music collection (Paul)
JuneJohn VanagsOvation Pro on Windows
MayBarry ThompsonScanning, OCR
AprilMatthew CookWireless NetworkingMore information
MarchKris AdcockNostalgia & Mail Servers
FebruaryMatthew CookBroadbandMore information
JanuaryJonathan RobinsonAdobe Album

DecemberBarry ThompsonDigital Photography & Photo Editing
NovemberDavid RuckDisk Knight
OctoberPaul Mellor & Chris DawsonPDAs.More information
JulyBarry ThompsonXara X
JuneDave Atkins (MicroDigital)Alpha and Omega.
MayJohn CartmellAcorn Publisher and 'graphicacy'. The first meeting using our new projector.
AprilColin KingsburyHow I have used Acorn computers from the Atom to RISC OS
MarchMatthew CookVirtual Acorn/Red SquirrelMore information
JanuaryQ & AIncluding Samba

DecemberPaul WilliamsonProCAD
NovemberBarry ThompsonMaking a calendar. Also Pete Margetts' last meeting.
OctoberMatthew CookIntroduction to LinuxMore information
SeptemberJonathan RobinsonOvation Pro Part 3
JulyBarry ThompsonDigital photograph editing with Photoshop Elements
JunePaul MiddletonRISC OS Ltd
MayQ&AChris Dawson, Pete Margetts, Paul Mellor
AprilChris Dawson and Paul MellorNetworking, also AGM
MarchClaresSchema 2 and Night Sky
FebruaryChris Dawson and Jonathan RobinsonOvation Pro Part 2

DecemberBarry Thompson & John VanagsSimple Web Page Design
NovemberTrevor Yates (Jessops)Digital Photography
OctoberR-CompInternet software & network printing
SeptemberDon SlavenPhotodesk
JulyBarry ThompsonIntranet CD
JuneDerek HaslamPowerbase
MayChris MorisonOrganiser
AprilBrian VardyOregano. Also PM and CD with followup to March meeting, and AGM.
MarchPaul MellorInternet evening
FebruaryChris Dawson and Jonathan RobinsonOvation Pro First Steps
JanuaryChris Dawson, Paul Mellor and Barry ThompsonRISC OS <-> PC file transfer

DecemberPaul Mellor, Barry ThompsonClub resources, RISC PC maintenance
NovemberPaul MellorCD Writing
OctoberRay FavreDr.Wimp
SeptemberChris MorisonOrganiser
JulyClaresCompo, Schema 2, Rhapsody 4
JunePete MargettsVector (last minute replacement for Paul Vigay)
MayBarry ThompsonThe DARC Web Portal, and RiScript.
AprilRoy HeslopRiscStation
MarchNicholas van der WalleCerilica
FebruaryAndrew RawnsleyRISC OS 4
JanuaryJonathan Robinson, Paul MellorAntUtils, WebTool & SiteSeer (Jonathan); Using search engines (Paul)

December'Fuddle'Thanks to everyone who brought food.
NovemberBarry ThompsonPluto.
OctoberDon WhysallProgramming with DrWimp. RISC OS 4 installation & overview.
SeptemberBenji LevensOvation Pro Applets & HTMLPro.
AugustRISC OS 4 InstallationCancelled due to lack of ROMs.
JulyBrenda ParnhamPaint and Draw. Also RISC OS 4 Q & A (Barry Thompson).
JuneKeith Reedman and Brian HopperSatellite Weather Imaging.
MayBrenda ParnhamDraw and DrawPlus.
AprilJonathan RobinsonOvation Pro.
MarchIan CaswellMillennium issues.
FebruaryBarry ThompsonGenealogy on the internet, Pluto hints and tips.
JanuaryMike GloverEasiWriter and TechWriter.

DecemberPeter BondarRecent events at Acorn.
NovemberPaul SkirrowTeletext+, Caller Display & Home Information System (including talking catflaps!).
OctoberNeil SpellingsAAUG, Phoenix project.
SeptemberPaul BeverleyA personal view of Acorn computers.
JulyBarry Thompson and Paul MellorScanning, OCR and !Edit. Also, we used a data projector for the first time!
JuneTony ParnhamTextEase.
MayDave Walker & Russell ScoatesRISC PC II! Also, AGM.
AprilFabis ComputingEasyClip, EasyFont Pro and an as yet unreleased application.
MarchSteve Turnbull
FebruaryR-CompWeb authoring software, PC Sound Pro, and Acorn Doom!
JanuaryPaul MellorDemonstrating some of the software in our PD library.

DecemberJonathan DuddingtonDemonstrating !Speak (speech synthesis) and !Pluto (email/newsreader).
NovemberMike SmithGenealogy and the computer (Ancestry, Ancestry 2).
DARC coach to the Acorn World show.
OctoberLooking at monitors.
SeptemberChris CoxThe latest news from Acorn.
JulyPaul Mellor and Barry ThompsonTechnical Q&A session.
JuneRotadata LtdDemonstrating their industry-leading 'Call Billing Verification' system running on a RISC PC.
MayDARC Exhibits at the Acorn Wakefield Show.
MayBarry ThompsonHard disc management.
AprilNeil SpellingsPC cards and associated software.
MarchDavid MatthewmanComputer Concepts hardware and software.
FebruaryA demonstration of Impression Publisher.
JanuaryA demonstration of printing, and how to achieve best results from the Acorn printer drivers!

DecemberDARC MembersMembers night - individual members demonstrating their own computers and the software they use.
NovemberDatabases - what they are, how they work, and what to use them for.
OctoberANT Internet suite - demonstration of Fresco and the Internet in general.
SeptemberExpressive Software ProjectsMusic Software
JulyBarry ThompsonDrawPlus, Artworks
JuneDARC MembersMembers' Night
MayTony Parnham, SoftEaseDTP: SmartDTP (Tony); Textease (SoftEase)
AprilChris CoxAcorn