Next meeting : 12th of February 2018 : To be confirmed

Site Map

Use the links under the DARC logo to navigate to different pages on this site, the logo itself is a link to the homepage. The first row lists the main sections of the site, the second row has links to the major pages in each section. This page has a brief description of each page on this site.

The main page.
This page gives details about upcoming meetings, and directions to the venue. The other pages in this section are:
How to Find Us
This page has a map of the area showing the location of the venue, and a picture of the hall.
This is a complete list of previous meetings. There are links to online resources where applicable.
The Digital Doctors
Recordings of DARC's radio appearances can be downloaded from here.
This page has links to presentations and other material relating to various meetings.
About DARC
This page has a brief history of the club, and the current membership rates. The other pages in this section are:
This page lists the current committee members, and has a form to allow you to contact us.
The club's rules.
Join Us
This is the subscription form.
Site Map (this page)
Other pages in this section are:
Links to pages our members have found useful.
Change Log
A list of the major changes to this site.
Members' Area
This section of the site is for members only.